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Above, Semi & In Ground

 Superior Strength:
Hercules uses the finest quality enduring materials. It is the ultimate panel wall pool built with a heavy coated steel and marine grade anodized aluminum frame. It has solid insulated panel walls thats much stronger than polymer, steel or concrete. Hercules is made strong, in the U.S.A., using the same engineering technologies that build airplanes, skyscrapers & spacecraft. Hercules has 3" thick walls with 2 lb density while other panel pools only have 2" walls with 1 lb density.

Maximum Heat Retention:
Hercules has an (EPS) Expanded Polystyrene thermal insulated inner core and double outer galvalume walls which results in major long term savings on heating costs. It is the only panel in the swimming pool industry which has a continuous thermal run along every wall length providing the ultimate in structural and thermal performance. Hercules has an R-15 (Insulation) value that is 50% greater as compared to other insulated panel wall pools which only have an R-10 value.

Maintenance Free:
Hercules resists oxidation, won't rust or tarnish, will never warp or crack, is non-corrosive and virtually maintenance-free. It's built to handle the extremest range of weather conditions.

Up-Scale Aesthetic Appeal:
Hercules has a neutral "Egyptian White" color which compliments and enhances all landscapes and backyard terrains.

Easy Assembly:
Hercules smart design is installer friendly. It stands itself up as it's being erected and requires only 8 steps to assemble. If desired Hercules can be assembled by just one person which will save money on installation.

Space-Saving Design:
Hercules has a slim narrow buttress system which provides the length you desire while also saving yard space.

More Sizes & Shapes:
Hercules unique and versatile design builds endless sizes and creates Round, Oval, Square & Rectangular shapes.

Environmental Attributes:
Our commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental responsibility is evident in our Hercules product. It's insulating panels earned points based on the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy & Energy Design) Green Building Rating System, and is also qualified under the National Institute of Standards and Technology's BEES program (Building for Economic and Environmental Stability).

Tax Incentives:
A pool with concrete is a permanent structure, it will be accessed annual and increased real estate taxes. Hercules above & semi-on ground pools are temporary structures and do not need cement to install. As such, they are not subject to the above tax.

Transferable, Lifetime Warranty:
Hercules components are crafted using the best quality materials, backed by proven manufacturing methods, proud dedication and years of experience. We're so confident in Hercules performance that it carries a Fully Transferrable, Lifetime Warranty.

More Options:
Hercules allows for options such as; concrete walkways, pavers, wood decks and also accommodates pool lights, walk-in steps and walk- out stairs.

* Unlimited Deck Options Available;

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